Tips for Golf'n Gamble Group Bus Trip Organizers

It is a well known fact that "Talk is Cheap." You will learn that many of your golfing friends will tell you they want to participate in your Golf'n Gamble. But, when it comes time to collect the cash or check, they come up with every excuse in the book as to why they can't go.

Here are some suggestions to help sell-out your Golf'n Gamble:

1) Power in Numbers: Make 4 to 6 of your golfing buddies responsible for securing a foursome each. This will help get you to the minimum number of participants needed. It'll also create a team tournament.

2) Money Talks: If someone is interested in joining your G&G, collecting payment in full is the ideal situation, but not necessarily a reality. Collect a non-refundable $20 deposit from anyone who says they're interested. Once someone has parted with cash there's a 99% chance they will go.

3) Convenience: Don't let your friends use the excuse of "I forgot my check book or I'll get you later." Later will never come! We will accept a credit card (VISA, Mastercard, Discover and American Expresss) for full payment from individual participants. Simply get the card number, expiration date and the billing address that corresponds to the card.

About Saturday & Sunday Golf'n Gamble Group Bus Trips (and Holidays too)

Although weekends and holidays may seem to be the easiest day to put a Golf'n Gamble together, it is actually the most difficult.

An Eighteen year history says that weekend Golf'n Gamble bookings result in close to a 40% cancellation rate. (Compared to a Monday through Friday cancellation rate of about 7%.)

By far the most common reason we hear for weekend cancellations is that "the wife (or significant-other) will kill me if I'm gone all day Saturday."

The reality is that for most people Saturday and Sunday are a family days. To be gone for five or six hours to play a round of golf is not the same as being gone all-day and evening.

So, if you really really want to do a weekend Golf'n Gamble, be prepared to hear every excuse in the book as to why your potential participants won't give you a deposit or full payment.

We strongly suggest that you collect deposits (or full payment) from your friends before you send us your deposit.

Please note: A deposit for weekend Golf'n Gambleis non-refundable. Please understand that we have agreements & deadlines with the courses and bus companies.

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