Luxury Coach Transportation

Your GOLF ‘n GAMBLESM outing gives you the option of transportation on different types of Luxury Coaches.

Standard Luxury Coaches

Seating up to 55 people, each standard coach features lavatory facilities, overhead storage and a multi-screen VCR setup.GOLF ‘n GAMBLESM rates include a ‘Standard Luxury Coach.’



Specialty Coaches (start at $10.00 per person extra)


Peter Pan's VIP Coaches are equipped with state-of-the-art amenities. Two independent VCR-equipped televisions with satellite receivers offer passengers a wide range of viewing options. Laptop compatible Internet connections, cellular telephones, and a fax machine help keep passengers connected. The VIP Coach also comes equipped with an ultra-luxurious interior that features plush sofas and swivel chairs; a galley with dual refrigerators, microwave and a bottled water system; tinted windows for privacy and even a roomy lavatory.
Company: Peter Pan Bus
Bus Type: VIP
Maximum Seats: 24
(Available in CT & MA)


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