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Casino Meeting Planners is your Best choice for planning your Business and Social Group Meeting in Gaming Destinations in the Northeast and Puerto Rico.

We've all been there before! You'd like to do something special for your 'Business or Social Groups' next meeting or function and you're thinking, "some place with a Casino would work great!"

You make some phone calls but the sales people at the hotels, casinos or resorts you contact only confuse you by sending pages of paperwork that you can't even figure out.

This is when you would call Casino Meeting Planners!

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Let us help you:

  • Pick the right facility to host your group.
  • Negotiate the best prices for your group.
  • Coordinate all the event activities for your group.
  • Relax during the event as we'll be there to help you get through.

Let us use our nearly 20 years experience and the influence it brings to make your meeting or social event the success you deserve.

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